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Our AI can identify over 18,000 objects, scenes, and animals.

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The most accurate, and the most specific.

SmartLens Image Tagging beats Google, Microsoft, and IBM in accuracy on the challenging ImageNet 22k benchmark.

But there's a more fundamental reason for why SmartLens Image Tagging delivers the most accurate keywords describing an image. While our competitors return general words like 'dog', we make sure to tell you what type of dog is in your image. And not just the breed, but characteristics like 'sporting dog'.

We take this approach for every image you tag through SmartLens.


Objects trained to recognize


as accurate as IBM's solution, the next-best competitor

Five lines of code.

That's all you need to get started. No ML training or customization required.

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Our pricing is based on your API request volume, with usage costs reflected on the dashboard in real time to avoid surprises.


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State-of-the-art image tagging AI

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